Winlog Pro SCADA and Winlog Lite SCADA 3.02

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Winlog Pro SCADA and Winlog Lite SCADA 3.02

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v3.02.02 - 10 Jan 2017
* Bug Fixes
    - TBuilder: Template objects multiselection, done by the mouse, has been modified in order to correct a graph problem introduced by the monthly quality rollup of December 2016 for Windows security. The codes of the updates that cause the malfunction are the following: KB3207752 for Windows 7, KB3205401 for Windows 8.1 and KB3206632 for Windows 10.
    - SABuilder: in case of use of UpDown or Slider object, minimum and maximum values are always forced to 0.
* Help
- SABuilder: help guide updated.

v3.02.01 - 5 Jan 2017

* Bug Fixes
    - TBuilder: the single pasted item is not selected, as it does when pasting multiple items.
    - SABuilder: If the Awesome font is not installed on your system, SABuilder can not use it even if it is temporarily installed by PManager.
    - TBuilder: If between the multi selected objects there is a bitmap or a TabSheet, the Copy / Paste is not working properly.
    - FCgiSrv: if the TCP port of the HTTP server is different from 80, the JNLP file generated for the '/webclient/get-jnlpfile.cgi' request is invalid.
    - GBuilder: If gates imported from files or clipboard have a single mistake (for example name too long), it is not provided the error message.
    - GBuilder: In case of importing gates from file or clipboard erroneously you prompted to save before loading gates.
    - P_OPC: If the OPC server does not provide the properties of the item selected the use of the item is not allowed.
    - TBuilder: Can only be open on the primary monitor; if it is moved on the desktop that belongs to a possible second monitor but left the main, that is, with negative coordinates, the mouse is not pointing properly objects but is confined to the first monitor.
    - Runtime: Chart object - In case of OnLine=true and Autorange = Common and with a large amount of points to be plotted, the Chart crashes immediately after the shift operation.
    - Runtime: Chart object - With a large amount of points to be plotted, the liberation of the memory after the template closing or Runtime closing lasts several seconds.
    - Runtime: Chart object - In case of graphic Online, during the shift phase is shown for 1 second a tracing of a segment of a curve in a wrong position.
    - Runtime: in some circumstances, alarm bar shows events instead of alarms.
    - VclREdit: During report creation (PDF or TXT), Runtime crashes if destination directory does not exist. Now destination directory is created automatically.
    - Runtime: Shutdown record in event and alarm log is wrong (it is the same as startup record).
    - Kernel, Runtime: Syntax checking does not recognize empty expressions used as function call parameter.
    - Runtime: Runtime crashes in case of syntax checking error "variable not defined".
    - TBuilder: TBuilder can only open the template on the primary monitor; if it is moved on the desktop that belongs to a possible second monitor, the mouse is not pointing properly objects but is forced in the first monitor.
    - TBuilder: Open a template on a screen with resolution smaller than the template size (that was previously created on a larger screen resolution display), forces the template size to the display resolution it is opened with.
    - Bsl: Event gate with activation condition referred to a digital gate changing from 1->0 does not work correctly.
    - TBuilder: HMeter - Italian version: "Show reset zoom button" is displayed instead of "Posizione scala orizzontale".
    - TBuilder: 120Meter: Access group does not work correctly.
    - TBuilder: Property editor: if an integer property is deleted during changes, it is set to the minimum -32768 instead of 0.
    - TBuilder: Property editor: Integer properties are not correctly displayed after changes.
    - GBuilder: Text file importing with bad row terminator cause program hanging.
    - Kernel: Code syntax checking generates always a "No message available" error.
    - Runtime: Columns of HistoricalView template object have wrong width, different from the ones specified in the template file.
    - Kernel, LTReg: Unable to register a software license specifying user/company name including double quote (") character.
    - Runtime: In Report view window, View and Template buttons are enabled for DAT Reports.
    - Runtime: The print of some windows (Alarm/event view, Chart, Thermal map, Device view, Alarm/event log, Data log, User log) causes hang of Winlog.
    - VirtKbdr: Winlog windows loose focus when virtual keys are pressed on a capacitive multitouch screen.
    - Kernel: FTPConnect: connection was always done with encrypted protocol.
    - PManager: in some circumstances, at the creation of a new project, the folder "Web template" is not shown in the project tree.
    * Performance Improvement
    - P_MDBTCP: Introduced management of Modbus Exceptions list so that it will not wait for timeout and made the reconnection if the device responds with error code.
* GUI Improvements
    - Kernel: ImageSelection - update texts and minor features.
    - PManager: english language updated.
    - PManager: texts Italian / English modified.
    - Runtime, TObjs, TcpSrv: UI internalization is now performed using an external text file.
    - Recorder: UI internalization is now performed using an external text file.
    - GBuilder: "Import from text file" window has been modified.
    - GBuilder: "Export to text file" window has been modified.
    - TBuilder: Image selection form has been modified and improved.
    - PManager: In the "Images" folder, files of unsupported image format are no longer shown. Furthermore file extension is not editable.
* New Features
    - Runtime, CBuilder: add Winlog language function SetEvnGateExcludedStatus().
    - Runtime, CBuilder: add Winlog language function GetEvnGateSignificantStatus().
    - Runtime, CBuilder: add Winlog language function GetEvnGateExcludedStatus().
* Help
    - PManager: help updated.
* Upgrades
    - Kernel: OpenSSL library upgraded to version 1.0.2j
    - LightTPD: upgraded to version 1.4.39-1.

v3.01.10 - 3 Nov 2016

* Bug Fixes
    - Runtime: Chart: resource leak fixed.
    - Runtime: Resource leak fixed.

v3.01.09 - 28 Sep 2016
* Bug Fixes
    - DataRecorder: DataRecorder can append records more frequently than programmed.
    - CBuilder, TBuilder, GBuilder, Kernel: Fixed some incompatibilities with non-occidental charset.
    - TBuilder: if an UpDown object is multi selected and immediately after a Label object is multi selected too, it shows an error message.
    - Runtime: In some circumstances, user specifications are not read correctly from previous versions projects (< 3.01).
    - Kernel: Software license may not work if Window user has limited Registry rights.
    - Recorder: There is a bug in deregistration procedure from recording process list. Sometimes, this prevents Runtime from closing successfully.
    - VirtKbdr: Image files in common Winlog Bitmaps directory are not loaded.
    - VirtKbdr: Bug causes flickering and repeated failures when a virtual keyboard is linked to an EditBox.
* Performance Improvement
    - CBuilder: Editor: improvement on "Home" key press.
* GUI Improvements
    - GBuilder: "Export text files" option has been modified.
    - GBuilder: "Import from clipboard" and "Import from file" options have been added.
    - GBuilder: "Import Text File" option has been deleted.
    - KBuilder: "Functions Key", "Special Key", "Shift key" - "Text to show" property: if property "Foreground" is different from "Text label" then "Text to show" is disabled.
    - KBuilder: "Functions Key", "Special key" - Changed property name "Text properties to send" to "Key to send".
    - KBuilder: "Simple Key", "Key Functions", "Special Key", "Shift key" - If during file loading, the object appears to have NOT defined the property "Image position" then it is initialized to "Filled" for compatibility with versions 2.7, whereas if the button is added, "Image position" is initialized to "Centered".
    - KBuilder: "Functions Key", "Special Key", "Shift key" - "Foreground image" property: if property "Foreground" is different from "Custom" then "Foreground image" is disabled.

v3.01.08 - 21 Jun 2016
* Bug Fix
    - Data Recorder: when it accumulates a slight delay in saving files, due to an endless Sleep, Data Recorder stops to update the report file.
v3.01.07 - 17 Jun 2016
* Bug Fixes
    - Java Web Client: Bitmap: error on OnClick event enabling.
    - Runtime: HistoricalView: "Save CSV" option does not work correctly - the exported CSV file does not fill the Date Time column.

v3.01.06 - 3 Jun 2016
* Bug Fixes
    - TBuilder: AlarmHistView: changes to the property "Columns - Use custom columns" do not enable the "Save" icon.
    - Runtime: Chart: in case of reading DBF historical files, any incorrect record at the end of the file is filtered to prevent the display of an incorrect registration hole.
    - TBuilder: if template contains one of the following objects: HistoricalView, ThermMap, DevView, AlarmsView, HistAlarmsView, OperatorView then an error message or an hang status appear at the closing of the TBuilder.
    - Runtime: Template objects do not update state on enabling/disabling devices.
* GUI Improvements
    - Runtime: Chart: all background buttons are disabled during the historical file loading phase.
    - Runtime: Chart: analytical cursor visualization is disabled during the historical file loading.
    - Runtime: Chart: all background buttons are disabled on Groups,Time range or Aspect windows opening.
    - TBuilder: if a Bitmap, a MetaFile or a Gauge object contains an image file that no longer exists, you see the outline of the frame in order to understand that there is something wrong.
* Help
    - CBuilder: Updated ChartSetTimeRange() guide.
    - Updated OMRON FINS protocol guide.

v3.01.05 - 24 May 2016
* Bug Fixes
    - Sentinel W-R/S1 license key is not recognized correctly.
    - Runtime: Gate properties dialogs do not filter invalid gate values inserted by user.
    - Runtime: Gate Status Window does not update correctly gate values and gate status icons.
    - Runtime: Gate Status Window does not update correctly numeric gate values when user changes format (decimal/hexadecimal/binary).
    - TBuilder: if template contains one of the following objects: VSlider, HSlider, Dial or GearDial then an error message or an hang status appear at the closing of the TBuilder.
    - CBuilder: Pressing "backspace" key does not delete the selected characters.
* Help
    - GBuilder: Numeric and Compound gates: conversion factor updated.

v3.01.04 - 11 May 2016
* Bug Fixes
    - TBuilder: when an object is pasted in a TabSheet objects, its coordinates are not moved to (+5,+5) respect to the source object.
    - ABuilder: The creation of a new application using a devices which has a template containing one or more StatusBar objects and the selection of an application language different from the default, makes TBuilder crash.
    - Runtime: Chart: if is set the property "Show Legend Window" equals to "Bottom" then the vertical scale axis is not correctly displayed.
    - Runtime: Chart: if a Chart object is contained into a TabSheet object then the online drawing does not work.
    - TBuilder: Multiselecting an object different from Chart and the adding a Chart object in the multiselection, make TBuilder crash.
    - TBuilder: Multiselecting one ore more ActiveX objects their sizes change incorrectly.
    - TBuilder: if a Label, GroupBox, CheckBox, RadioButton or StatusBar is inserted in a Bitmap object and their background color is vlBtnFace, on the next template loading the background color displayed is black.

v3.01.03 - 2 May 2016

v3.01.02 - 26 Apr 2016
* Bug Fix
    - Runtime: if the application have more that seven .DAT report models, then Runtime displays an error message about memory sharing.

v3.01.01 - 22 Apr 2016

v3.01.00 - 22 Apr 2016

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