Problem with hardware key

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Problem with hardware key

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We are having problems with winlog not recognizing the run-time keys. I updated the drivers from safenet to the v7.5.0 and ran the Sentinel SuperPro Medic. The Medic says it finds the key and everything is working fine but Winlog Pro does not communicate with our plc. To test communication I have demo program with a single gate. I uninstalled winlog pro and installed winlog lite. It communicates fine in winlog lite so I'm assuming the problem is in the communication between winlog pro and the sentinel key. Do you have any suggestions to offer?
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Re: Problem with hardware key

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There may be several reasons because the communication doesn't work.

Try to follow these steps:
1) Remove Winlog lite from the computer.
2) Remove the Sentinel driver from the computer.
3) Remove the Runtime key from the computer.
4) Install Winlog PRO.
5) Insert a W-E key in the computer (I thin you may have a developer key).
6) Build a test application with one gate.
7) Try to run this application with the W-E key.
A) If it communicates with the external device then go to step 8 else follow step B
B) Check if communication parameters are OK.
C) From Runtime select "Supervision->Status->System" menu item : there you can see the hardaware key type iserted.
D) Send me a print screen of this window.

8) Try to insert the Runtime key in the computer.
9) Try to run the application again.
10) If it communicates with the external device the Ok else goto step C
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