Quick Support Remote Control System

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Quick Support Remote Control System

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Sielco Sistemi provides its clients with a customized technical support service that gives access to the best technical expertise to rapidly resolve any issues. A highly competent and qualified team, able to answer to all your queries, is at your disposal; for more complex problems, the R&D team is directly involved.

The new SCADA Winlog Pro version 3.01 makes available remote control via TeamViewer technology. By a simple “click” on the icon Quick Support, the user will allow the Sielco Sistemi support team to provide remote control and technical assistance through Internet.
Sielco Sistemi offers to its customers training courses at different levels to get practice in the use of Winlog Pro software. Courses are tailored to customers needs.

The purpose of the course is always pratical: to use properly the software tools and to be able to develop complete run-time applications. Topic sessions are always followed by "hands-on" sessions; participants will become familiar with Winlog Pro software by developing step-by-step applications or finding out, with the aid of the trainer, the right solutions to specific problems.

Click here to read about Winlog Pro technical support.
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