ModbusRTU 32 bit IEEE 754 floating point format

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ModbusRTU 32 bit IEEE 754 floating point format

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I am trying to connect an Eastron SDM120M Power Meter to Winlog.

I am attempting to work through the various options to find what will work, but I experience two issues:

1/ when attempting to test Modbus address settings, Winlog locks up and will not reset Device Status Errors.
When I try to close Winlog, only the shadow outline of the Exit Winlog dialog box shows, clicking in the box does nothing.
I need to wait till it eventually draws the Yes and No buttons before it will close.
If I use Windows Task Manager to close it, my operating system still seems to be hung up on something and will draw other dialog boxes with just the outer shadow as well.
Even Shutting Down and restarting the computer multiple times doesn't seem to clear the issue. Eventually it clears but I don't know what is successful.

2/ because of this above problem, I get very few chances to test unknown Modbus address options to find something that works.
With this SDM120M power meter I am trying to get the 32 bit FLOAT aspect to read correctly.
I don't understand if the FLOAT setting under the Value Tab - Variable Type needs to be set along with the Gate Address Function of 44: or 46:.
Does one setting take precedence over the other?
Are both required?
Will I still need to work out Big Edian or Little Edian?

As you can see this becomes very difficult when the system freezes with an incorrect try.

I have purchased a total of 4x Winlog Pro dongles to date, 1x Builder and 3x Runtime.
For the purposes of my remote testing I have a Winlog LITE license on my laptop V3.02.08
Are there any updates I can install that might help this problem?

Thank you

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Re: ModbusRTU 32 bit IEEE 754 floating point format

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Dear Sir,
the problem you describe in point 1 is very strange, I think there is some other problem.
Winlog 3.02.08 it's a pretty old version, now we're at version 3.02.34.

I ask you to send your application to support [at]


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