Tecnologic interface

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Tecnologic interface

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Hi there,

I'm using a controller from Ascon Tecnologic whose interface is winlog. With that version of winlog only one device can be monitored at one time. So I'm trying to modify it with Project Manager Lite. But when I execute my modified winlog interface, it says UNREGISTERED VERSION-SAMPLE DISABLED. Some one please tell me the possible reason that can lead to this notification. Also, the gate address kills me. Where can I find a set of suitable address for another device to avoid address conflict?


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Re: Tecnologic interface

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with Winlog Tec Lite license you can only communicate with a single Ascon Tecnologic device at same time. If you want to communicate with multiple devices must purchase a Winlog Pro license.

For more information about Winlog Pro go to http://www.sielcosistemi.com

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