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Re: Winlog in the US

Posted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:54 pm
by johndoe
tmurphy wrote:I want to create a small project connected to an AB SLC-500 cpu. 25 to 50 tags with data logging and trending. This will be used in a pump station. Any comments and or suggestions would be helpful. Sample project for use with Allen Bradley would REALLY! be helpful.

Sorry, we have not sample project for AB SLC-500. But to create a simple base project you can follow any Winlog 'Getting Started' (Modbus, Omron Sysmac-way, ...), you need only to adapt address strings of defined gates (tags); refer to the online help of 'Allen-Bradley SLC500/MicroLogix' (Project Manager > Help menu > Protocols).

I can test Winlog-PLC communication using Winlog Lite demo.