mysql and/ or socket

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mysql and/ or socket

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I'd like to know, First , Can Winlog forward datas to mysql database service on cloud ? The Winlog project will setup on a local computer and connect in to internet. Can Winlog forward data to any database which deploy on a cloud base database service ?

Secondly , I know Winlog can working as TCP/ Clinet and Service. however Is that possible, I create an Winlog project running at local computer with all Modbus devices and control them my through Winlog project, and at same time, Winlog also forward some data (may not all) to and cloud base services a TCP or UDP port? Such like forward directly to an IP address : Particular Port base on socks data transfer ?



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Re: mysql and/ or socket

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Dear Sir,
about your question:
1 - Winlog supports ODBC drivers, with these drivers you can connect to any database that supports ODBC.
2 - Winlog can expose its variables but can only be read by another Winlog installed on the network or in a remote location. Communication is encrypted and cannot serve with other systems.

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