Troubles to connect OPC client with OPC server

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Troubles to connect OPC client with OPC server

Postby juanfiguti » Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:23 pm

Hi I’ve been testing your software and I love its simplicity to create useful app for process control. I show it to my boss and it put my one condition to buy it. I have to test it with a devices that we own and then show him how it works. I made modbus communication without problem(very intuitive) over own corporative network. But when I try to connect it with an OPC remote server the OPC client doesn’t identify it(The OPC client browse the OPC server but the info about the OPC server is not displayed and the ). I’ve test the OPC server and its working finel(with other OPC clients that I try). I’m trying to find where is the problem but the only thing that I suppose it will be is something about DCOM settings, when a look for the opc client in DCOMCNFG I couldn’t identify it. Could you help me?

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