Chart update ONLY when gate value changes

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Chart update ONLY when gate value changes

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Hi everyone.

I am still learning the ropes but am very impressed with Winlog.

I run lab testing systems and for the system I am trying to develop an HMI for, I need assistance. The systems are all rate based, i.e. I don't need gate values (and timestamps) if they DON'T change.

Is it possible to use code (or other methods) to ONLY log (and chart) values (and its timestamp) when a gate value changes? This is a std. setting for some Scada systems like VTScada and ScadaBR. It is really handy when you work with batch and rate data and makes working with log files so much easier in f.ex Excel.

Any assistance and ideas regarding coding or other hints will help me a lot.

Thanks in advance.

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