Code usage and dimension

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Code usage and dimension

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Hello and thank you for the speed of the forum for the previous questions.
I have some issues related to WinlogPro 3.2.36 code:
on a system I have 50 actuators and 25 PIDs, which I would like to manage with two pop-ups, one for the actuators and one for the PIDs, this is to avoid having 50 pop-ups for the single motors and having to modify all 50 at the moment of a modification (a command to be fixed),
I came to the conclusion of using functions for each actuator / pid that at the start of the pop-up update the variables of the same and then write the variations from SCADA to the PLC, therefore many functions and also in continuous loop with while instruction (xx );
now the question is:
does the code have a size limit?
are there any special rules for this use of functions?
are there any risks of the system being overloaded?
am I missing a better system for the need?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Code usage and dimension

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Hi, your system is correct. Another method is to modify the Templates using the code.
If you have noticed the Template files are text files where in the first lines you find the gates used inside. With a simple routine that reads and writes from files you can replace the gates.

To answer your questions:
- There is no limit to the size of the code.
- The only thing you need to remember is to put at least one sleep in the loops (eg While (WindowIsOpen ()) because the code is executed with high priority and therefore cpu must be left for the interface as well.

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