Winlog Pro SCADA and Winlog Lite SCADA 2.06.60

Winlog SCADA Software release history
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Winlog Pro SCADA and Winlog Lite SCADA 2.06.60

Postby admin » Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:08 pm

In these new releases new functions are added:

- Winlog Pro

Several inportant changes were introduced in order to support the new Web Server management

- Web server (only Winlog Pro)
New Web Server Management
Integrated HTTP server
Java Web Start Tecnology

- Project Manager
web project management added

- Template Builder
Led object: new kinds of led introduced
Led object: transparency introduced
Switch object: new kinds of switch introduced
Switch object: transparency and resizing introduced
Bitmap object: transparent bitmap images visualization added
Metafile object: transparent metafile images visualization added
ThermalMap objects: new properties added: window background colour, chart backgroun area colour, scale and grid colours
Objects Button,Bitmap,MetaFile,StatusBar,Label,VMeter,HMeter,120Meter,180Meter,270Meter,ThermoMeter: now it is possible to specify the operations order on the "OnClick" event; it is also possible to execute up to 5 operation in sequence (i.e. "Open Template" or "Call function") for each single "OnClick" event

- Code Builder
the following functions were added:
TObjBeginUpdate(),TObjEndUpdate(),TObjSetPropertyBool(),TObjSetPropertyInt(),TObjSetPropertyReal(),TObjSetPropertyString(),TObjSetPropertyUnsigned() to allow template objects parameters modification during Runtime mode

- Report
PDF format report added

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