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SCADA software Winlog Pro provides new tools

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:07 pm
by admin
Sielco Sistemi developes Winlog SCADA/HMI with OPC Client
Supervision of industrial and civil plants requires a realistic and impressive graphic representation; for the development of supervisory (SCADA) applications, it is critical to have the use of tools suitable for the design of animated templates providing a realistic and continuous display of the supervised process.

Sielco Sistemi is proud to announce that its supervisory software Winlog Pro has now been improved to provide new development tools for an easy design of animated templates with bitmap and metafile objects.

These new tools can use either symbols created by the developer and symbols belonging to Symbol Factory 2.0, the popular library provided with Winlog Pro , that includes over 4,000 manufacturing and industrial objects such as pumps, valves, motors, tanks, PLCs, piping, ISA symbols, etc.

The addition of these new tools provides a further enhancement of the graphic performance offered by Winlog Pro SCADA software, already including powerful graphic objects such as circular and linear potentiometers, pointer and linear indicators, thermometers, switches and selectors.

Click here to download new version of Winlog Lite.