Winlog Evo SCADA 4.0.18

Winlog SCADA Software release history
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Winlog Evo SCADA 4.0.18

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New features
  • Protocol Modbus TCP: Added possibility to specify Backup Ip Address to manage redundant Modbus devices.
  • WebClient: Chart object: "Enable Groups" and "Show Groups Button" properties have been addded.
  • WebClient: Chart Object - the Combined Interpolation, Autorange properties and all the properties relating to the Legend and the cursor have been added.
  • SmartApp: Added ability to specify the direction of the Gauge object.
  • Template Builder: Introduced the possibility of displaying the ID and main properties of each object in the Object Tree window.
  • Template Builder: Added "Template resizing" function.
  • Protocol Siemens MPI: Introduced the possibility of reading / writing string gates - format Char [] (DBx.DBCy).
  • WebClient: Chart groups are no longer statically converted during web publishing. From now on they will reflect changes at runtime.
Bug fixes
  • Template Builder: Multi-selecting the HMeter object, all the other objects inserted in the multi-selection are moved.
  • If in Windows the time display is set to 12 hours, in Winlog it is not shown AM or PM.
  • Templates and template objects: HistoricalView object - in some cases the hour column represents hours on a 12 basis without indicating AM or PM. Now the display has been forced on a 24 hour basis.
  • WebClient: fix dates when client and server have different time zones
  • SmartApp Builder: .bmp images are not converted.
  • SmartApp Builder: On Windows 8.1 you do not see the icons associated with the fonts.
  • Templates and template objects: Chart object - minor bug fix.
  • SmartApp Builder: The preview does not work (starting from version 4.0.17)
  • Template Builder: In zoomed mode, saving the Item Height parameter from the ComboBox is wrong .
  • Template Builder: In zoomed mode, by clicking on the squares that delimit the object, the resize does not work correctly.
Performance improvement
  • Gate Builder: Disabled auto-completion of the text in the gate definition.
Full version history available here.

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