Winlog Evo SCADA 4.0.17

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Winlog Evo SCADA 4.0.17

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New features
  • SmartApp: Added possibility to configure the active alarms / events counter shown on the main page of the SmartApp
  • Language and API: SendMail function - added negotiation with mail server for TLS 1.2 support
  • Protocol Panasonic - Mewtocol: Introduced the possibility of reading / writing string.
Bug fixes
  • Gates: Gates status template - if a channel that has no gates of that type is selected in the filter, the Runtime closes.
  • Virtual Keyboard Builder: In template zoomed mode, moving an object using the cursor keys changes its size
  • Code Builder: Almost all HistDb functions do not point to the correct help.
  • Template Builder: In template zoomed mode, moving multiple multi-selected objects using the cursor keys changes their alignment.
  • Template Builder: In template zoomed mode, moving an object using the cursor keys changes its size.
  • Gate Builder: The Sharing tab is always enabled even if the license does not allow it.
  • Recipes: If you cancel the recipe import operation, sometimes an error message appears.
  • Recipes: Closing the recipe template editor always asks if you want to save even if nothing has been changed.
  • Code Builder: Text in the Preferences window is displayed incomplete.
  • Language and API: Runtime closes when a subtraction, multiplication or division between strings is performed.
  • Gate Builder: Copying/pasting gates between two different applications generates an error if one of the two applications has a share protocol enabled and the other does not.
  • Gates: Writing a numeric gate with a conversion factor incorrectly set to 0->0 and 1->0 causes a crash in the Runtime.
  • Gate Builder: Numeric and compound gates - added verification of correctness of conversion factor
  • Templates and template objects: Button, UpDown, Edit, CheckBox, RadioButton and ComboBox objects continue to show the custom cursor even when disabled.
  • Language and API: StrSubString function - by calling the function with parameter pos <= 0, the Runtime closes.
Performance improvements
  • Code Builder: Now an error is reported if an assignment is made to a variable using a void function.
  • Code Builder: Improved syntax checking on expressions
  • Code Builder: Improved syntax check in case of missing end of statement delimiter (;)
Full version history available here.

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