Winlog Evo SCADA 4.0.2

Winlog SCADA Software release history
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Winlog Evo SCADA 4.0.2

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v4.0.2 - 8 Apr 2020
  • New Features
    • Runtime, PManager, FCgiSrv, Kernel, WebClient: Added Web Client, a new web interface to interact with Winlog Runtime.
    • Runtime, PManager, FCgiSrv, Kernel, SmartApp: Released Smart App v2
    • SABuilder: management of a new SmartApp interface and added possibility to choose new conditions on the states of the objects.
  • Bug Fixes
    • TBuilder: in some particular cases, saving the template changes the association of the gates to the objects.
    • Recipes: an error message appears when the recipe is renamed.
    • GBuilder: following the creation of a new application, the first time you enter GBuilder the default files of all types of gates are created but with incorrect names.
  • GUI Improvement
    • TObjs, TBuilder: added new leds and switches images as resources.
  • Help
    • CBuilder: updated help

Full version history available here: ... gelog.html

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