Winlog Pro SCADA and Winlog Lite SCADA 3.02.11

Winlog SCADA Software release history
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Winlog Pro SCADA and Winlog Lite SCADA 3.02.11

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v3.02.11 - 3 Sep 2018
  • New Features
    • Communication protocol BACnet: Implementation of the BACnet protocol.
      Are supported all properties that the result of which is one of the following Datatypes: Boolean, Unsigned Integer, Signed Integer, Real, Double, Octet String,Character String (ANSI_X3_4 and ISO_8859_1 formats are supported),
      Bit String, Enumerated, BACnetObjectIdentifier.
      COV function (Change of value) supported.
      The following structured properties are supported: DateList (library object BACnet_Property_DateList), EffectivePeriod (library object BACnet_Property_EffectivePeriod), ExceptionSchedule (library object BACnet_Property_ExceptionSchedule), WeeklySchedule (library object BACnet_Property_WeeklySchedule)
    • Runtime, L_Api: Winlog code - introduced TObjGetLButtonDown () and TObjGetLButtonUp () functions.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Java WebClient: bugfix on template refresh and Switch object.
    • Communication protocol P_ODBC (ODBC client): reading string gates block does not work.
    • Gates whose name contains non-ASCII characters may be not saved in DAT reports, or may be served incorrectly to a smart app.
    • In DAT reports created with a version prior to 3, Project Manager manages incorrectly gates whose name contains non-ASCII characters.
    • Runtime: Chart object in a report - if a curve of the chart is associated with a gate that does not change, the tracing of the curve is incomplete.
    • Recipes: Fixed some incompatibilities with non-occidental charset.
    • CBuilder: Changes due to TAB key press cannot be undone.
    • Runtime: Periodic reports are not generated.
    • Recipes: in some cases an incorrect gate description is displayed at runtime.
    • TBuilder: when the PropertyEditor is docked, the cursor and delete keys do not work on the object selected in the Template.
    • TBuilder: when the PropertyEditor is docked, CTRL X, CTRL C, CTRL V no longer works.
    • Runtime: reports with "Periodic" creation frequency are not created.
  • GUI Improvement
    • TBuilder: there is a slight fliccker in the PropertyEditor window when loading Templates with many objects

Full version history available here: ... ml#3.02.11

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