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Winlog Pro SCADA and Winlog Lite SCADA 3.02.10

Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 2:26 pm
by WinlogNews
v3.02.10 - 27 Feb 2018
  • New Features
    • Runtime, TObjs, TBuilder, Java WebClient: TabOrder management uncorrelated with the order in which the objects are created in the template.
    • Runtime, TObjs, TBuilder, Java WebClient: added "Items font" property to AlarmsView, HistAlarmsView, OperatorView, DevicesView, HistoricalView, ReportView objects.
    • TBuilder: added Undo and Redo functions.
  • Bug Fixes
    • TObjs: StatusBar object don't show any status (bug introduced from release 3.02.09)
    • TBuilder: minor bugfix on WebBrowser, Gauge and Chart objects.
    • TBuilder: WMF image file importing from Symbol Factory doesn't work correctly.
    • TBuilder: BkBitmap transparency does not work correctly
    • TBuilder: the "Paste" function remains enabled even if there are multiple multi-selected objects.
    • Help: PlaySound() function shows an example for the Play() function.
    • Runtime, Kernel: Winlog language - If you initialize a variable without writing the value (int foo =;), the syntax check does not report an error, but execution causes Runtime to crash.
    • Protocols guide: Modbus - String gates : functions 35,37,45,47 are described in an inverted manner.
    • Runtime: Winlog language - TemplateRecipe() does not work.
    • SABuilder: sometimes when exiting the program it does not display the message "There are unsaved changes": it depends on which fields have been modified.
    • Kernel: Image selection window - if there is no images in the project, the "Paste" icon will not be enabled even if there is an image in the clipboard.
    • MLEditor: CSV file importing does not work correctly - Only the first column of the file is imported. The texts of the base column are also imported even if they have been modified.
    • Kernel, Runtime, TBuilder: can not add gates to a charts group of a password protected project.
  • GUI Improvements
    • TBuilder: In the multi-selection of the objects it is no longer mandatory to select the first element with the SHIFT key and objects can be deleted from the selection by clicking them.
    • TBuilder: Property Editor window dockable.
    • TBuilder: minor Graphic User Interface improvement.
    • GBuilder: "Import from clipboard" and "Import from text file" - set as default the "Insert at cursor position" instead of "Replace all."
    • Kernel: charts groups selection window improvement - The "Copy" function proposes the name of the source file as the default name.
    • Kernel: charts groups selection window improvement - Double clicking on a charts group makes the selection of the charts group even if called by TemplateBuilder and not only by Runtime.
    • Kernel: charts groups selection window improvement - The "Rename" function proposes the name of the source file as the default name.

Full version history available here: ... gelog.html