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Winlog Pro SCADA and Winlog Lite SCADA 2.07.49

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:43 am
by Matteo
- Winlog
Chart object revision.
AlarmsView and HistAlarmsView objects modified to be more user friendly.
Introduced the possibility to configure the text alignment in alarm bar.
Possibility to build an header/footer with fixed text, automatic page number and name of the file in PDF reports.

- Keyboard Builder
Modified in order to allow to work even with multitouch touchpad.

- Code Builder
New language added:GetNextLanguage() and SetCurrentLanguage()
New report functions added: ReportInsertUserChangesRTF() and ReportInsertUserChangesTXT().
New SMS function added: SMSOpenChannel(), SMSCloseChannel(), SMSFindFirst(), SMSFindNext(), SMSFindClose(), SMSFoundIsValid(),
SMSFoundMessage(), SMSFoundRecordIndex(), SMSFoundRecordType(), SMSFoundSenderID(), SMSFoundSenderNumber(), SMSFoundTimeStamp(),
SMSFoundTimeStampString(), SMSDelete(), SMSGetSignalQuality(), SMSSend().
SendMail function modified in order to allow mail sending using protocol server encrypted with TLS and SSL.
FTPConnect function modified in order to allow the connection with FTPS protocol servers.
New FTPDelete(), MakeDir() and FTPRemoveDir() functions added.

- Web Server
Java Virutal Machine SE 7.51 updated
Bitmap object animation support for Web Templates added
HistoricalView object added with historical data remote loading.
Show property added on the following objects: Label, Frame, Button, Led, Bitmap, Gauge, StatusBar.
Enable property added on the following objects: Label, Button, Led, Bitmap, StatusBar.
Trasparency property added on Label object.
Multiline property added on the following objects: Label, StatusBar.

- Protocols
Siemens MPI protocol: “Swap Input/Output byte order (S7-300-400)" option added.
OPC Client : new Data Access compliance (DA 3.0)
Modbus Rtu protocol: introduction of "Silent interval parameter characters" to allow the use of the MODBUS RTU protocol also with GSM modem or radio modem that break the response frame.
Matsushita Mewtocol-COM protocol: Ethernet support added.
OMRON FINS UDP protocol: introduction of read/write EM and EMR string ports.
OMRON FINS UDP protocol: introduction of read/write WR_UL_,WR_SL_,WR_FL_ ports.

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