Winlog Pro and Winlog Lite 2.06.18

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Winlog Pro and Winlog Lite 2.06.18

Postby admin » Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:00 pm

In these new releases new functions are added:

- Protocols
Four new formats for string ports reading (Modbus RTU and Modbus RTU TCP) added

- Project Manager

Project password protection added; who designs the project can decide to protect it. Only using the right password it is possible to access to the project using Gate Builder, Template Builder and Code Builder

- Code Builder:
New date/hour instructions added:
DateTimeToSeconds(), GetDayFromSeconds(), GetMonthFromSeconds(), GetYearFromSeconds(), GetHourFromSeconds(), GetMinuteFromSeconds(), GetSecondFromSeconds().

New devices handling instructions added:
DeviceEnableCommunication(,,,), DeviceName(,), GetDeviceRxErrors(,), GetDeviceTxErrors(,), IsDeviceCommunicationEnabled(,), IsDeviceCommunicationKo(,), ResetDeviceRxErrors(,), ResetDeviceTxErrors(,).

New instructions for gates handling added:
GetNumGateValueAsString and GetCmpGateValueAsString.

New logic instructions added:
BitAnd(), BitOr(), BitXor(), BitNot().

- Template Builder
"Autorange" property in Chart object added

%X.*lf notation in Label, StatusBar and Gauge objects added in order to show the gate value decimal digits specified in the gate definition properties.

MultiTemplate windows modified: now it is possible to specify the objects order in MultiTemplate creation.

- Application Builder
Now it is possible to build the application in which Application Builder automatically will replace $Channel, $Device, $Prefix variables in the funtions called from templates with the device configuration data.

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