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Winlog Pro SCADA and Winlog Lite SCADA 2.07.01

Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:26 am
by Matteo
In these new releases new functions are added:

- Winlog
it is no longer necessary to use the BDE (Borland Datbase Engine) for the DBF files handling. This change solves many installation problems regarding local networks and related the compatibility with other software.

It has been corrected a vulnerability to a possible attack on TCP port 46823 to 1000 bytes with a particular sequence of bytes that caused a Runtime crash.

- Web Server
OnClick objects property management for the Templates opening added.

- Factory Symbol: version 2.5 with new symbols integrated.

- Template Builder

introduced detailed view of objects: Chart, HistoricalView, OnLineView, HistAlarmView, DevicesView, OperatorView.

- Gate Builder
included management of the sampling "only at startup" (useful for protocols that have to remain in "listen mode" for example Konnex).

- Protocols
New Konnex communication protocol (KNX) based on Falcon Library added.

New Ethernet-IP communication protocol for SLC500 and MicroLogix series Allen-Bradley PLC added.

OMRON FINS protocol in Host Link: introduced the read/write string gates
and string gates DMR reading in reverse mode.

OMRON FINS UDP protocol: read-write DM_SL (signed long) DM_UL (Unsigned Long) and DM_FL (Float) gates supported.

Siemens MPI protocol: modified procedure for communicating with USB adapter - now it is possible to realise up to 16 connections on a single channel. Introduced the possibility to communicate with USB adapter that simulates a virtual COM (Sielco Sistemi IC 3580-MPIVC).

Siemens S7-200 PPI Protocol: introduced the possibility to communicate with USB adapter that simulates a virtual COM (Sielco Sistemi IC 3580-PPIVC).

Protocol and ModbusTCP TCPClient: introduced the possibility to specify the destination address also through HostName as well as IP address.

Click here to download new version of Winlog Lite.