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Winlog Evo SCADA 4.0.20

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New features
  • Templates and template objects: Added properties to the FileListBox object to allow sorting of folders and navigation only below the initial folder.
  • Data logs: For ODBC destinations, column types of created tables are no longer fixed, but derived from the DBMS. This ensures full compatibility with Oracle and PostgreSQL.
  • Protocol KNX (Falcon): Added support to datatypes 30 and 219 for numeric gates.
  • Template Builder: Chart object - added opening of the charts definition window by double clicking on the object
Bug fixes
  • Language and API: Values returned by the Random function are not so random.
  • WebClient: OnlineView, HistView: fix issue on filter by class
  • Code Builder: Fixed help MessageBox().
  • Template Builder: StatusBar object - if the text contains quotes then the template is saved incomplete.
  • Templates and template objects: Chart object - "Reset Zoom" sometimes doesn't reset the correct Y scale.
  • Templates and template objects: Chart object - TObjSetPropertyString() of ChartGroupName does not load the Y scale of the newly selected group.
  • Templates and template objects: Chart object - error displaying cursor coordinates when number of decimal digits of the gate is 0.
  • Templates and template objects: Chart object - error drawing a digital gate that never changes.
  • Language and API: Updated help of SMSOpenChannel() instruction.
  • Templates and template objects: Chart object - buttons are not disabled during remote server selection.
  • Templates and template objects: Sometimes the server selection window crashes in the Chart, HistoricalView, HistoricalAlarm/EventView and OperatorView objects.
  • Protocol OPC UA Client: In some cases, some folders and their respective items are not displayed.
  • WebClient: In web templates the property "Positioning - relative" is saved incorrectly.
  • Templates and template objects: Chart object: sometimes the charts corresponding to gates that do not change are not displayed.
  • Reports, Templates and template objects: If a report containing a Chart object is generated more than 255 times without restarting the computer then the message "Too many pages in scheme" appears.
Performance improvements
  • Templates and template objects: In order to reduce use of system resources, now template objects use shared fonts.
  • Protocol OPC UA Client: Speeded up the loading of the Item selection window
  • Gate Builder: Optimization of loading of the items made available by the OPC Client protocols.
Breaking change
  • Gates: For gates declared to be sampled "in monitor and at startup", the initial read attempt is repeated until a valid response.
Full version history available here.

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